weekly update #7 - 12.10.16

yay yay yay my wisteria had bloomed and its soooooo pretty! :)

sorry for the radio silence, i went away the weekend before last and came back to courier issues that meant i spent most of the last week chasing my tail, all sorted now but i've decided to rename my 'monday updates' as 'weekly updates' so i can be a bit more flexible on the day i post...eg. today is wednesday ;) 

what i'm making
i've well and truly started the makeovers on the bits and bobs i rescued from my sisters garage. here is the little foot stool, i painted and distressed the legs and recovered it with cath kidston 'tile aqua' fabric. easy! 

i also painted the quilt rack white...even easier! i'll probably distress it a bit too..i kind of forgot about doing that until i was looking at this photo just now! :-/

i've also made quite a bit of progress on the coat rack but still working on it. and i painted a trolley for my sister. sooooo much painting.

garden update
apart from the wisteria blooming i have been a enjoying garden full of bluebells, lavender and some lovely potted colour...

i was very lucky to receive this lovely rusty bucket of violas for my birthday from my friend julie of my threadbear life  - as she gave it to me she said "you're the only person i can give a rusty bucket to sal", so true. 

shop update
my week of chasing my tail also has me behind on my shop listings but i have a whole bunch of treasures i'm planning to list this sunday...here is a sneak peak...

thanks for stopping by today for my first weekly update ;) hope you enjoy the rest of your week xx