weekly update #9 - 13.11.16

hello and happy weekend! this week i wanted to share with you my recent buying trip to the hawkes bay.  i went down with a friend and we stayed in her bach where all the gorgeous beach flowers were out and the weather was a summery 26 degrees! it was lovely. oh my goodness i think we went to every op shop and second hand store in the hawkes bay and on the road in between from the waikato! it was actually pretty exhausting but i got some really great stuff both to keep and to sell, because as we all know i have a "keep one, sell one" policy ;) 

on the way down we stopped in taupo for lunch and visited the salvation army family store at 77 spa road. they have a whole section set up with vintage bits and bobs, it was very cool. well worth a visit if you live there or are passing through...

in napier we toured around the op shops and picked up lots of bits and pieces but the highlight for me was an antique store called finders keepers at 94 dickens street...i thought i'd died and gone to heaven as soon as i walked in. this is a HUGE shop filled with just about everything vintage item you could wish for, all beautifully displayed. the prices here were also very reasonable. i've found with a lot of op shops these days they have a vintage items for a ridiculously high prices just because they're old but regardless of condition. in this shop everything is priced sensibly, and in good condition. 

i love the sign for the knox op shop below. the teacup lamp i thought was gorgeously done, it was in a vintage shop called elegance in clive that had lots of lovely things to look at. its on the main road and you can't miss it as it has bunting hanging outside and lots of bits and pieces displayed out on the street. 

the gorgeous yummies above are at picnic at 12 mahia st, napier. they have the cutest packaging too which you can see on my instagram.

we spent one whole day visiting ALL the op shops in hastings...there are so many and there were plenty of treasures to be had. below is my haul, some of these things are keepers and some are for the store. there were even a few bits and pieces i found after i took this pic, on the way home!

i also wanted to share these pics of my finished coat rack make over, this is one of the things i snaffled from my sisters garage, you can see it 'before' leaning up against the chair in the photo of everything out in my sunroom in this post.  

on a final note, sadly i have lost my beloved boy sebastian (aka seb, sebby, sea-bass, kitty, "that great ginger article") this last week, he would have been 19 years old in december so he has been a huge part of my adult life. he really was such a cool cat, a real character, a smoocher and just all round a funny wee soul who i've been so lucky to have had in my life. he has been laid to rest in our pet cemetery at my parents farm where he lived most of his life. i will maintain until my own dying day that he was champagne coloured not ginger and that he should have been a cat model. i will miss him heaps xx