update #10 - 12.12.16

christmas time...mistletoe and wine...children singing christian rhyme....don't mind me, just singing my fave cliff richard christmas song ;) the silly season is well upon us and my christmas decorations are up...well mostly...here is my tree...


this year i have only decorated it with my unbreakable decorations in case it falls over, this is because the tree keeps being attacked by the naughtiest cat in new zealand who is having his first christmas. he literally climbs to the top of the tree and i have to pull him out :-/ the tree is out in my sunroom, so now i'm mostly just keeping the door closed so he can't go out there because really how can he be expected to control himself when i have apparently provided an adventure tree for his amusement?

these two cuties below are new decorations, i always buy a couple of new ones per year, its one of my favourite christmas traditions. in the photos underneath these are my breakable decorations which i have displayed up on my coat rack shelf out of the way of furry paws. 

how gorgeous is my christmas angel! i commissioned her off my very clever friend julie of my threadbear life after she posted on her blog about a couple she had made. i love her and after christmas i will just take off her "christmas is here" sign and have her up all year round. 

some more decorations sprinkled about...

my mum and dad have new rescue kittens and a couple of weeks ago mum had to bring them into town to the vets and then i "kitten-sat" for her at my house for the afternoon while she was doing other jobs. they really are very adorable and very wee. below are photos of when they finally fell asleep after an afternoon of high jinks...tom is the chocolate one and louis is the tabby who proves that kittens can sleep anywhere including on a glass coffee table with their head waterfalling off the side.

a few weeks ago i acquired the below day bed (left) from an op shop intending to do it up. i had been looking for one for a while for my "book room" as a comfy place to curl up and read, and as an extra bed for guests. the book room used to have my desk in it but thats since been moved to another room and i was left with a room filled with odd bits of furniture and other things i just dumped in there (like a hoarder, i've been watching hoarders and to be honest it is worrying) and closed the door on. you can see the state it was in, in the other pics...in case you were thinking they were just more photos of the op shop, ahem. 

this week i finally got around to recovering the daybed squab in some vintage fabric i found on trade me. i was going to paint the wood too but with the new fabric i don't mind the brown so much, maybe one day... the woodland pillow cases were made for me for my birthday by my wonderful aunty clare who purchased the fabric in the uk. i also got a third bookshelf to match my other two and now i have all of my books neatly put away on matching shelves (bliss). the shelves are full, so now the rule is: one book in and one book out. there will not be a fourth book shelf! oh and i moved out all the crap! i'm totally in love with this room now and love spending time in there. it has such lovely natural light too. 

i'm going to be very busy in the next two weeks leading up to christmas so probably won't post again, i say this as if i have created some expectation of posting regularly (you may have noticed my post titles have gone from "weekly update" to just "update", i feel this is more reflective of reality, ahem) so i'd like to wish you all a wonderfully happy and fun christmas and new year!! bring on 2017! :)