monday update #4 - 12.09.16

hello! happy spring monday :) 

what i did on the weekend
i had such a fun weekend, its my birthday tomorrow and i had one of my best friends come down from auckland to stay, she is also a horror movie enthusiast so we spent saturday night eating pizza, watching the conjuring 2 and being scared out of out was perfect ;) sunday was a beautiful warm sunny spring day with not a cloud in the sky and it was so nice to sit out in the sun to drink our morning coffees. later in the afternoon i had a surprise visit from another auckland friend and her son. she brought a sponge cake layered with fresh cream and homemade strawberry jam, it was divine. she also gifted me a gorgeous climbing rose which i can't wait to plant...

garden update
speaking of gardens, i'm SO excited watching my garden come to life after a long chilly winter. months ago my sister gave me a bunch of dutch iris bulbs which i planted in an old metal crate at my back door back in autumn. they are now slowly blooming and its so exciting watching each one unfurl. 

my magnolia tree has gone from a peek of a petal a week ago to full bloom and its just gorgeous. i also have one lone daffodil beaming its happy little face from its inauspicious spot next to a down pipe...

if you're wondering why i'm so excited about my meagre garden...this is the first time i've had my own garden! i've lived here for just over a year and before that the house was a rental for many years. the garden was in some places overgrown with weeds and in others extremely sparse and covered with stones (as in the daffodil pics). so i've been slowly moving things around and planting my favourite plants (hydrangeas, lavender, daphne etc) over the past year...its been trial and error figuring out what will grow where, so anything that i manage to keep alive is so exciting for me. i'm loving it :) 

here are a few before shots of my guest room, which i mentioned last week i was giving a mini-makeover. nothing awful, i still like everything in here, i just wanted to change it up and streamline it a bit.

these are the afters...kind of looks the same yeah? basically all i've done is take a bunch of stuff out, then added in the "new" bedside table, the gallery of flower tapestries (most of which are available in my store) and a stand to hang spare bedding and towels. 

the bedside table is my sisters, which she bought in the 90s. i gave it a couple of coats of white chalk paint and swapped out the knobs for pretty pink ceramic ones....

so i'm pleased with it now...but as with all things in my nest, everything is constantly evolving, and thats the way i like it! i hope everyone is enjoying the warmer weather, have a lovely week xxx