monday update #5 - 22.09.16

what do you mean its thursday and I can't do a monday update on a thursday, pfft....

what i did on the weekend
who can remember, it was like four days ago ;) 

garden update
i know you have all been anxiously awaiting an update on my iris bulbs....look!!! aren't they pretty?! also some pansies and something else (?) in the pot on the right and poppies above, loving spring :) p.s if you're wondering why i have knitting needles in my poppies, they are my go to garden sticks for propping droopy plants up!

shop update
i'm going to have a sale! will post on my facebook page when its sorted x

what i'm making
my cousin is currently making over her daughters rooms with a vintage/shabby chic look and i'm her shabby vintage advisor ;) i made over these op shop frames for her with my vintage pink chalk paint and some pretty scrapbook paper. i was going to add something else on top of the paper but i thought in this case simple and pretty was better as the frames are so ornate and the prints are busy. you can see the pinterest board i have put together for inspo --> here <-- if anyone wants to take a peek, so much pretty :) 

and if any of you are wondering what happened with the "chook hook" makeover from a couple of weeks ago...i'm still working on it, the whole thing has been a pain in the butt from start to finish, that thing did NOT want to be made over. i'm almost finished with it though and will have an "after" for you soon. 

better go get my sale sorted for the shop...thanks for stopping by xxxx