ballerinas and blooms

hello :) i hope as you are reading this you are having a happy day and a fun and fulfilling 2017 so far. i have spent the first few weeks of 2017 receiving visits from lovely friends from out of town, making over various bits of furniture, crafting and preparing for my floristry course which starts next week on valentines day. exciting! 

one of my makeover projects was this wee cupboard below. not much of a makeover as all i did was pop a bit of cath kidston wallpaper in the back. the biggest part of this project was actually doing something with it after owning it for a good ten years, i was actually on the verge of trying to sell it when i came up with this idea. the madonna i found at our local hospice shop for $6 after i decided to put the cupboard up, which was a happy accident as i didn't know what i was going to display in it. the rosary beads hanging on the door are from my granny and my mum. for anyone who is curious, no i'm not religious but i was raised catholic and love these sorts of religious paraphernalia. 

do you remember when i mentioned that it was wanting to find a singer sewing machine table so that i could make it over to look like the gorgeous one in the inspiration photo at left? well my lovely aunty clare offered me one she had, which i've had since before christmas. this is the "before" on the right. 

i finally got around to painting it, which was a huge mission and involved having to taking the top off the base which was not an easy task, especially by myself! i decided not to paint the base at this point but may in the future if i'm ever crazy enough to take it apart again. 

another makeover was on my two upcycled chairs. two years ago i painted them a minty aqua and recovered them with this bright pink polka dot fabric. this was actually the second time i had made them over, before that i had recovered them with vintage blankets. these chairs have lived in my sunroom for over a year and the bright fabric was quite faded in some places and the whole look of them didn't really suit my decor anymore. i had a couple of vintage ballet fabric quilts which, again, i had had for many years and didn't know what to do with. they were quite marked and stained so i ended up taking them apart so i could wash them, the marks came out quite well. i decided i would use the fabric to cover the chairs and paint the wood white. i'm very happy with how they have come out :) 

two other things i have had for a long time and not done anything with, i am sensing a pattern here, were this cross stitch i did from a cath kidston pattern and this pretty floral fat quarter. i decided to put them together and make this wee cushion. the fat quarter actually had both prints on it. 

and a couple of other small projects, i bought this birdcage at an op shop and am using it as a candle holder. i plaited the "rope" holding it using vintage sheet fabric, which i also used to make this tea cup wind chime. there are vintage silver forks at the bottom but I do need to rearrange them a bit so that they actually chime against each other! 

i also finished off a couple of cross stitches my sister was working on and was reminded of how much i love stitching by hand, so am keen to do more of that this year, either to keep or sell :) thanks so much for stopping by to read my post today...i hope you will look forward to a many floral and crafty updates from me this year. my floristry course is based at the hamilton gardens and i apologise in advance for the amount of garden pics you will see on my instagram this year...i'm sure they will be gorgeous though ;) xxx