flowers, flowers, flowers!

Phew! Five weeks at flower school and I thought I would come up for air and dash out a blog post. I'm happy to report I'm absolutely loving the course, its so nice to be learning a creative skill and I love being around flowers every day, as I knew I would. The course itself is pretty intense, there is a lot of theory and a lot of assignment work to do. When I say "come up for air" I truly feel like I have been immersed in the world of flowers. I have been spending lots and lots and lots of time on making sure I'm on top of my assignments, if I'm not things are NOT going to be pretty later on in the semester! When I have a spare minute I try to work on my Covet & Co store to bring in some extra dollars, every dollar truly does count when you're a student! :-/

Of course my favourite part of flower school is the practical work with the flowers. Of the below photos the top left is of flowers waiting in the sinks to be used and the top right is the ribbon cupboard. Being able to tie a beautiful bow is a key florist skill and it takes a lot of practice, I'm still very much in the learning stage. The top middle photo is of two wired buttonholes I made, they use different techniques...which I'm sure are only interesting to floristry students!  The middle row is a single wrap and two hand tied posies, and the bottom row are all hand tied bouquets. Please bear in mind I'm just a beginner and at this point with the posies and bouquets we are more focused on learning the spiralling technique with the stems (flipping hard) than the flower placement, so they are a bit hodge podge looking at present!! And of course I am super super stoked to be bringing home flowers each week, especially as there is no way I'd be buying them on my student budget and my garden is also in the beginning stages so I can't fill my vases from there (although those are sweet peas from my garden above). Apologies for the photo quality, they were all taken on my phone.

Another cool thing we have been doing is going on field trips to flower growers, talk about flower heaven! We have been to lily, gerbera and hydrangea farms, with the hydrangea farm being my favourite as they are my favourite flowers. Here are some pics from those trips...

The bottom right photo of the lilies is 30 stems that I bought for $10 (floristry student rates!!!) on our first field trip to a lily farm. This is the lilies in my laundry tub after they had been in my house for a see lilies in an enclosed space give me a headache, even if I religiously pluck off the stamen as soon as the flowers open. I knew this before I bought them but I got caught up in the moment and was all like "30 lilies for $10! Sign me up!!". I lasted a week before they were banished to the laundry and from there I donated them to a local rest home! Lesson learnt....for now...

Are you sick of flowers yet? Because I have one more thing to show you. As you know my course is based in the beautiful surrounds of the Hamilton Gardens, which means every day I'm at school I have the opportunity to wander around and take in the flipping lucky! Below are some pics from my wanderings. I'm really looking forward to watching everything change through the seasons. 

The colourful bunting was set up over a huge area for the annual Teddy Bears Picnic, how cute is that? :) Anyway its getting late and I need to catch up on the latest episodes of Fixer Upper. I'm hoping tomorrow I'll have time to work on a couple of DIY projects...hopefully I'll have something to show you in my next post. Thanks for stopping by xxx